About Us

Build Like Nature finally became a reality in the Summer of 2009. Lead carpenter Dan Niles owns and operates Build Like Nature. We realize a business must be profitable in order to be sustainable, but our bottom line is not our only concern. We believe it is our responsibility to be an example of how businesses should act. Build Like Nature will donate 1% of our total gross profit from your project to the charity of your choice. We encourage our clients to choose environmental charities, yet we strongly value the countless charities working towards a better future and will donate to any charity that has special importance to you.

Dan Niles

Build Like Nature may be a newer company but Dan’s experience as a carpenter spans nearly two decades. His father, a leading General Contractor in Illinois, taught him the fine details of carpentry at an early age. Dan took his knowledge to Colorado where he worked under highly skilled carpenters in Ft. Collins and Steamboat Springs. Dan studied at the University of Colorado where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on energy conservation and efficiency. He now combines his passions by blending his environmental knowledge with his carpentry skills. For recreation, Dan competes in Ironman triathlons and ultra marathons.


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